Large Store Pot Frame

£28.00 Ex. VAT


Ashworth’ large store pot frames are made from Heavy Duty Virgin black tubing, which is durable, hard wearing and very strong. The frame is made up of five rings slightly different in size welded together at the uprights. All Joints are heat welded for extra strength.

Made from polyethylene tubing it will not go brittle in the sun – like other piping.

Store pots made with an ‘Ashworth’ Frame need little maintenance and will last for years, with only the netting, rubber and roping needing replacing. So in the long term an Ashworth frame is more cost effective.

Aswell as making good store pots some fishermen also make these frames into cuttlefish pots!

Ashworth frames have been manufactured locally in Devon since 1977 by the Ashworth family.

The frame design is ideal for storing your catch of crabs or lobsters alive until you require them.

Also available with the frames are custom made grid lid/bases. (Sold Separately)


  • Top – 30” (760mm)
  • Base – 30” (760mm)
  • Height – 23” (585mm)

Key Features:

  • Strength & Durability
  • Cost Effective
  • UV Protected PVC piping
  • No Maintenance
  • Produced in the UK


Additional information

Weight 3.500 kg